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Dr Who

Travel through Space and Time with our Doctor Who Themed Parties. Featuring the 4th Doctor, we have mini-daleks that children can actually get in and drive about...!!! See which Dalek can get through the obstacle course and back to base first...


It is everyone’s dream to actually go inside the famous police box and find themselves the Doctor’s remarkable time and space machine. With our TARDIS you can do just that. Join the 4th Doctor in his TARDIS and even operate the controls.


We have loads of different packages to suit your budget.

One of the most iconic Doctor’s was the 4th Doctor with his long scarf and curly hair. We are pleased to have the official Tom Baker look alike on board. Ian has actually worked for BBC Enterprises as the 4th Doctor and has appeared as the 4th Doctor in ITV’s drama series Kingdom.


We have a whole array of aliens and monsters to meet. Will they invade the TARDIS? Will you help the Doctor to defeat them... !!!


For prices and availability, please get in touch to discuss your party ideas. All our prices include prizes and a giveaway for each child.


Why not check out our additional extras.

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Battle of the Daleks Dr Who & K9