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Dromeo and Tilly go Frozen

Imagine going to the cold lands in the North..... Our Frozen Ice Parties take the children on a magical adventure to a land of ice.


The party is hosted by Tilly as Princess Anna and Dromeo as Kristoff together with our very own Olaf puppet..! The parties contain entertainment and activities children love.

We have 2 packages available for Frozen Ice Parties.


Package 1 – (1 hour) For the first ½ hour Anna and Kristoff play Frozen themed games including pass the parcel, with music and make a balloon model for each child. The second ½ hour the children are taken on a magical adventure with Anna and Kristoff to the land of Ice in our magical show. The show features our very special Olaf  puppet. The show is performed on our exciting ice set giving a really magical feel to the show.

The cost for package 1 is £135.00 inclusive


Package 2 – (2 hours) For the first hour join Anna and Kristoff for loads of fun and games with our Frozen Ice disco. (The disco is not loud and features music from Frozen and other popular music tracks children love and creates a real party atmosphere.) Anna and Kristoff will lead some party dances and play some themed games. You can also get your face painted as any character you like; it doesn’t have to be from Frozen!

While the children have a food break Anna and Kristoff will prepare for the magical Frozen Ice show. The show is similar to the one described in package 1 but lasts for ¾ hour and some of the children actually take part. If the birthday child is a girl we get her to be Elsa at the end of the show. If the birthday child is a boy we get them to be Hans.

The cost for package 2 is £195.00 inclusive



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