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Dromeo and Tilly

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Dromeo and Tilly have been performing shows for children across the UK for over 10 years. Their unique way captivates the children and really makes for an exciting, fun and memorable party that everyone will enjoy.

Dromeo and Tilly perform all sorts of activities, games and shows that will enthral and entertain all the children.

Dromeo and Tilly are two of the top professional children performers in the country and as such they can adapt to appeal to the very young as well as teenage audiences.




We have 3 separate packages featuring Dromeo and Tilly - for prices please contact us for a no obligation quote;


All packages come with full show scenery, sound system for music and include all prizes.


Package 1 – (1 hour) Dromeo & Tilly will lead a selectionof party games including our version of pass the parcel for half hour. Party music is included, so too are the prizes. For the second half hour, Dromeo & Tilly will present their exciting and zany magic and puppets show, featuring "Cecil" the naughty blackbird puppet who gets up to mischief to the delight of children.



Package 2 – (1 ½ hour) For the first hour Dromeo and Tilly will host our special children’s party disco with popular music children love. (This is not a loud thumping disco! Just enough to create a great atmosphere.) During the disco Dromeo and Tilly will lead party dances, play-act games and make balloon models. For the last ½ hour take part in our interacting adventure with magic and puppets finishing with happy birthday march and a pinata.



Package 3 – (2 hours) The first hour and 10 minutes includes the party disco, party dances and games (see package 3 for details) but also includes basic face painting such as a pirate or princess. (Face painting is restricted due to time and numbers of children) For the last  ¾ hour Dromeo and Tilly will then take the children on an adventure through a magic forest, on board a pirate ship, to the jungle and many other places to find "The King's Cake". Dromeo finally ends up back in his kitchen where he tries to make a cake with "Cecil" the naughty blackbird and mayhem ensues...! The party will be finished with the march through the happy birthday song and a pinata.

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