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Educational Interactive Shows

We constantly hear about how man is destroying the environment, but what does this actually mean? And what can we do about it?


Oceania is an interactive play for children between the ages of 5 and 11 (Key stage 1 & 2) The play is produced to be entertaining but at the same time to help understand what damage is currently happening under the sea and suggests ideas that we can do to help make things better.


Jack is a young lad who loves to go fishing on the beach. He spends all day there and he even takes a scrummy picnic. But when he’s finished eating he has lots of rubbish he doesn’t know what to do with. It must be okay to leave it on the beach as lots of other people have left their rubbish behind. Or perhaps he could keep the beach tidy and throw the rubbish into the sea? Suddenly out of the depths emerges an octopus covered in rubbish! He is not too pleased! He tells Jack he needs to learn a lesson. Jack is then taken aback by a talking dolphin who pops out of the waves. The dolphin takes Jack on a very strange adventure beneath the waves where he discovers the horrible “Pollution” monster as he terrifies all the creatures in the world of the sea. Through his strange adventure Jack finds out just exactly what harm is caused by simply leaving your rubbish on the beach and discovers ways we can help to stop the harm we are all causing.



The Kings Cake

The King’s Cake is a show for children aged 3 to 11 with puppets, magic, music and live action. It is the story of a man called Dromeo who goes in search of the biggest, sweetest cake for the king.


His adventures take him to an enchanted forest where he meets a witch, elves and a seemingly wise old wizard. Then it’s on board a pirate ship which takes him to the jungle where he encounters a crocodile! After a long and tiresome adventure without success he decides to go back home and make a cake in his own kitchen. The trouble is he is helped by his friend “Cecil” the naughty blackbird and mayhem ensues with cake ingredients ending up everywhere, even all over Dromeo!


In this show the children join in with the action and help Dromeo on his travels. Everyone becomes the courtiers of the King and everyone learns how to be a pirate.


Primarily a show for entertainment, the educational element of the show is especially for younger children where they can explore storytelling. This show has been especially popular in schools and nurseries for “book week.”

Treasure Island is an interactive play for children between the ages of 5 and 11 (Key stage 1 & 2). This classic tale of pirates, treasure and sailing ships is produced to introduce children to the classic story but also to enable them to create stories for themselves. Jim Hawkins leads the audience on a series of events and at each turn encourages the audience to suggest what he should do and what might happen next.



Should he trust the seemingly friendly cook with only one leg? In fact, who can he trust with the precious treasure map?



Members of the audience are invited on stage to assist with the telling of the tale by playing small improvised roles led by Jim. For example, Jim puts a big coat on you together with sunglasses and gives you a white stick. You are blind and you have to go and put a piece of paper in the hand of a drunken old sea captain asleep at a table.



A fantastic classic adventure where the audience become part of the action.

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Treasure Island

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