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History Workshops

What was life like living during the reign of Henry VIII and Elizabeth I ? Students get to explore the power of the monarchy as well as the political scenes. They also get to explore what life was like for ordinary people living in these times.




How did they live?


What work did they do?


What did they eat?




A fun interactive introduction to the  Tudor times. Just mind you don’t lose your head!

The Tudors

Tudor Rose

The Romans

What did the Romans ever do for us?



Here you can find out that the Romans were not just a ferocious fighting machines but were the innovators of our modern world with things like road building, the beginnings of democracy and even basic plumbing.


With discussion and planning we build a roman village and find the best way to build a road. With the town complete we turn to life in Roman times.


What was life-like as a slave?


A gladiator?


Or a soldier and why did you get paid in salt?


Roman Soldier

Looking at how communities came together and how humans first discovered metal in rocks and what they did to harness that metal and make tools for farming, hunting and in some cases, war!


How did people live?


What is the best way to build a house for everyone to live in?


Finding bits of metal in stones what is the best way to get the metal out and what useful things can we make with it?

A time of change for British people with the introduction of the police force and industrial change with the development and rise of machines. See how people worked and lived and re-live some of the not so pleasant lives of children and the work they were made to do.


Examine the contrast between the Victorian era and our modern society.


Did you know in Victorian times children had to go out to work?


What was it like having to climb up inside a chimney?


Or dragging trucks of coal down a coal mine?

The Iron Age

The Victorians

Caveman TP Victorian Dancing Children

“Learning and discovering by taking part and having fun.”


All workshops are aimed at Key Stage 1&2 students. For further information on our workshop programmes, please email us here for a brochure. Please state which workshop you are interested in.

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