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Follow the Rainbow ....

Follow us across the Rainbow to the land of the Unicorns in this wonderful multicoloured world there are some amazing creatures like elves, goblins and the magical Unicorns Dromeo & Tilly.


There are lots of challenges to meet, dancing with the Unicorns and a great magical Rainbow show where everyone joins in.

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01462 481 969

07523 059 664


We have two packages available for Unicorn Parties with fun colourful scenery.


Package 1 – (1 hour) For the first ½ hour join in with wonderful party dances, and play our action pass the parcel and the challenge of the rainbow game. Then join in with the magical Unicorn show with loveable puppets.



Package 2 – (2 hours) Dance with the Unicorns with our special rainbow mini disco and play lots of original games, including action pass the parcel and the great rainbow challenge. Dromeo & Tilly make balloon models for everyone whilst children have their tea. Then it’s time to get involved with the amazing Rainbow show.  

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